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Laser Machine Products


KWM Craft is committed to provide a variety of quality merchandise for customers. By using the latest machine technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for producing mass laser machine products. Take a look at what we currently have in stock, and get in touch to order or learn more.

Rehal Alquran

Our Rehal Al-Quran is one of our best-seller machine-made products since its inception in our factory. We had daily orders coming in since the customer are looking for a customization for their Rehal Al-Quran. Our Rehal comes in different, carving motifs and sizes. The carving on the Rehal is inspired by the different Islamic symbols and our iconic Rehal Love is much love by children and woman who likes cute things!

Stand Phone Holder

Our phone holder is different from the plastic holder that is widely available on e-commerce platforms. We focus to manufacture a phone holder that is unique, can be customized to add names and does not break the bank. Our customers often bought this for themselves and their loved ones

Al- Quran Bookmark

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